Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blink...9 Months Have Passed

The title of this post should actually be Blink...10.5 Months Have Passed!  I'm a little behind with my blogging (surprise), but I wanted to give the Carson Man a 9 month update (before he turns 1 on us!)
His stats from the 9 month check up were:
Weight: 20lbs. 2oz (37%)
Height: 27.5in (18%)
Head Circumference: 45.5cm (50%)
I'm convinced that his weight percentage was calculated incorrectly.  There is NOTHING below average about this kids weight.  He's a hoss!  ...a sweet, happy, flirty, cuddly, teddy bear hoss.
I love his smile in the reflection.

That tongue is always out!

We are lucky enough to see this smile a lot.

So, I'm trying to think about what Carson has been up to these past few months.  I feel like he is proving to be super smart.  (Said every mom about her kid.)  It has been so fun to watch him "catch on" to things.  He's clapping, waving, saying Dada and Mama (to no one in particular) and paying close attention to everything going on around him.  He loves playing with balls.  He likes to have someone sit with him and roll/throw the ball back and forth.  We have no doubt this child will be an athlete.  Carson is also the most ticklish human being I've ever met.  It's hilarious.  His "sweet spots" are his thighs and his ribs.  Chad can get the best belly laughs out of him!
Our first ER visit as parents.  C was running a super high fever (after hours, of course) and was just acting like a bump on a log.  Luckily it just turned out to be an ear infection, but it sure was scary.

Carson is a very tough little man.  He spends hours a day defending himself from his big brother.  Griffin has mastered the "box out" technique and puts his entire body between Carson and whatever Carson wants.  And, as it turns out, Carson is quite persistent.  Half the time G could care less about what C is going for, it's just the fact that Carson wants something and Griffin doesn't want him to have it.  {This drives me absolutely BONKERS!}  I spend so much of my day acting as a referee between these two that I'll probably put it at the top of my resume should I enter the work force again. 
We are fairly certain that it will only be a matter of months until Carson can easily shove Griffin out of the way.

"Mom?  What's he doing?" 
C-Man has 2 lone teeth on the bottom but the poor guy has FOUR about to break through up top.  That's not fun for anyone but I'm looking forward to the days of him actually being able to chew his food instead of inhaling it whole.
You can see that first little tooth popping up!

One of the most fun things for Chad and I to watch is the relationship between Carson and Griffin develop.  Though keeping things civil around the house is a big part of the day, there are so many sweet moments between these two.  If Carson is upset Griffin screams at Carson to be quiet will try to cheer him up by playing peek-a-boo with him.  He also loves playing "monsters" with Carson (see picture).  I'm pretty sure Carson likes almost everything about his big brother.  It will be so cool to see how their relationship shapes up as they get older.  I pray that they will be best friends and realize how lucky they are to have someone in their life who will always have their back.
Carson especially loved Griffin when he took the liberty of getting him more puffs!
This is their "monster" game.  Always in that same spot around the trash can.  Griffin says, "Ahh, a monster!" and Carson just giggles.  So cute.

Just like Griffin, Carson loves the Tupperware cabinet.  This is a life saver while I'm trying to cook dinner.

Carson loves the swing and has recently started enjoying the slide at the playground.

Fun at the park with Anna Robinson...

...and Leah Sineway.  Can you see Griffin under that pile?

Kisses for cousin Leah.

Carson is a good sleeper, but he has decided that he needs the whole room to himself to sleep soundly.  This means that Griffin has been sleeping on the pull out couch in Mama and Dada's room for the past...2 months??  Sheesh!  We're pretty sure that Carson would wake up during the night and see Griffin across the room and want to play and interact with him.  When he couldn't, he get would get SOOOO upset!  Haha.  So, in order for me everyone to get a good night sleep, Griffin is bunking up in our room (which he loves).  We will try them together again soon and see how it goes.

I just love this picture!  And if anyone is wondering where those thunder thighs come from (don't you dare say me)...
....pretty sure he got them from his Dada!  Anyone else think these two kind of look alike?

My sweet Carson, I can't believe you will be ONE in just over a month.  You are growing so fast, but your dad and I love nothing more than watching you turn into a smart, strong (maybe freakishly strong) boy.  You have the sweetest, happiest disposition and honestly, you seem too good to be true.  Your gummy smile, which we are lucky to see all the time, is the best and your chubby cheeks are just so kissable!  I know that with each new age and stage comes great things, but I'm pretty sure that if I could choose a time of life to hit the slow motion button it would be this one.  You are just so fun right now.  We love you more than you will ever know...until you have your own kids.  Then you'll understand.


  1. how in the world is he already about to turn ONE!?

  2. oh good heavens... he is totally adorable! LOVE the nekkid picture! and seriously... how can he nearly be 1 year old already???