Friday, November 30, 2012

October in a Nutshell

As seems to be the norm these days, October came and went in a flash.  "Busy yet fun," is our family theme!  Here are a few highlights...
The young Herrings and the young Knights decided to have a little family fun at Cagles Dairy Farm.  We took Griffin last year and had a great time so decided that Jackson and Carson needed to get in on the action too!  It was most age appropriate for Griffin - he had a blast in the "corn box," feeding the goats and other animals, and riding on the big tractor for the hay ride.  I think everyone else enjoyed themselves too.  It was a perfect fall day.  Mom and Cindy joined us as well and it sure was nice to have all hands on deck to help with the little ones.  Jenna and I think we'll make it an annual cousin tradition.

I love this look of concentration.

We I had fun carving our pumpkins this year. (Okay, Dada helped too - I have to give him some credit.)  I thought Griffin might really get into it, but he wasn't much of a fan of getting all the gook out of the pumpkin.  I think he really liked the finished product though.  When it got dark outside, he was excited about going to light the pumpkins.  I think the kid associates all things involving candles with birthday celebrations.  When we lit the candles inside the jack-o-lantern he started singing Happy Birthday then tried to blow out the candles.  Funny and cute!

Lucky for us, we got to make the most out of our "Percy the Train" Halloween costume this year.  We were invited to a friend's 8th birthday party and it was a costume contest!  Griffin didn't last too long in the costume because it was too hard to run around and play with it on...he kept tripping on it.  Chad and I, feeling the need to go along with the party theme, dressed up as train conductors.  We are not that into the whole dressing up thing, but I'll admit it was fun (though our costumes were about as minimal as they come).  I have a feeling we will have no choice but to dress up as the kids get older!

How cute is this kid?

Towards the end of the month we headed to Bluffton to visit with Boo and Papa Don.  It was time for the annual father/son golf tournament and Chad and Don were the reigning champions!  The big boys had fun playing golf (they led the first day and then fell behind the second day - no repeat win for the Herring men) and the little boys had fun playing with Boo at the house.  I enjoyed having extra hands to help and even got a little alone time at the outlet mall. 

Griffin has become quite the climber!

Sweet as ever.

Griffin and Boo made yummy pumpkin shaped Rice Crispy treats.

The boys had fun in the pool with Papa Don!
After a fun weekend with the grandparents we returned home just in time for Halloween!  Griffin was excited about Trick-or-Treating.  The Lohrs (Tate's family) were nice enough to invite us over to their house for pizza before we headed out with them to get some candy!  Unlike last year, Griffin did a great job realizing that Trick-or-Treating was not an invitation to go inside people's houses.  In fact, he did a great job running from house to house with the big kids.  He loved following Amelia (Tate's big sister) around the neighborhood and trying to keep up with her. 

The best picture I could get of the two boys together.

The first of MANY "candy breaks!"
The sweetest lion...ever!

Tate and Griffin - best buddies.

Carson slept most of the night but perked up towards the end and enjoyed being taunted with candy.  Poor kid.

Since I'm very behind in writing about October, I can assure you that November passed just as fast!  Stay tuned for a post about November and the start of the Holiday season.  I love this time of year!  Everything is fun and extra special this time around because it's Carson's "first" everything.  We are trying to soak it all up and make some happy memories.

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