Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Go Jackets!

Football season is in full swing around here!  The past two weekends have been filled with tailgating, eating, playing and even SOME game-watching.  We took Griffin to the first home game this year.  With a 7:00pm kick off it was risky, but we figured G would do pretty well staying up late if he got in a good nap.  Thankfully he did that day - naps are pretty hit or miss around here these days.  I think Chad and I would both call the day a success.  Griffin had a blast tailgating with his friends Jack and Leah, and we've even got some new kids to the mix this year with the addition of the Harper's adorable boys.  All the kids had fun playing together!  Griffin even did a good job at the game.  He didn't watch much of the game, but he and Jack entertained themselves by eating popcorn and looking for Buzz.  We actually chased Buzz down and got a high five - very fun!

Jack, Chad and Griffin - cheering on the Jackets!
 The next weekend it was Carson's turn to go to a game - his FIRST game!  True to form, this little man did a great job.   

Dada fed Carson his bottle as soon as we arrived at the tailgate...

...and after that he was happy and ready to flirt with the ladies!  I think he won everyone over with that smile and those rolly-polly thighs. 

He even stayed on schedule and took a great nap in the stroller, giving Mama and Dada time to eat and socialize.

Then we strapped him up and headed towards the stadium.  It was a 3:30 game and we were a little worried about the heat and the sun beating down on us, but we got very lucky with a nice cloud cover for the entire game.  So great!

Chad, Carson and the new Bobby Dodd statue.

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We've got a picture of Elizabeth holding Griffin at HIS first GT game so we had to get a picture of Carson with her as well.  We are so lucky to have friends who don't mind us bringing our kiddos along to the games and who are even willing to help us out when we get tired of holding them! 

This sweet boy stayed awake for the entire game.  When we FIRST arrived in the stadium Tech scored a 70 yard touchdown - to say the crowd went wild is an understatement.  Poor Carson was so shocked he just lost it and started crying.  I was afraid that he wasn't going to be able to handle the noise in the stadium.  Luckily, after a bottle and some quiet time out near the concession stands, he was ready to go back in and had no problem as all of our friends cheered on the Jackets - loudly.
 Chad and I have decided that a 2:1 parent/child ratio is the best way to enjoy a game.  We are lucky to have parents in town to help us out in the babysitting department.  As I mentioned earlier, we're also lucky to have such a fun group of friends at the games with us.  We look forward to our football weekends so much and it's great to see our group evolving from a few college buddies to wives and children.  The group keeps growing and it is oh so fun!


  1. So fun! Love this post! It made this 130 am feeding so much nicer!

  2. 2:1 ratios rock!

    Such a sweet family and precious kids...even though they would look even more fantastic in red and black!