Saturday, May 28, 2011

15 Months

I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but I'm going to try to get better about doing it more often.  I know what you're thinking..."If I had a dime for every time she's said that"....

G had his 15 month doctor appointment a few weeks ago and everything was ship shape. Dr. B got a kick out of Griffin when he went and dug some snacks out of my purse and then took them to her to give to him.  She said his social skills are "off the charts" and, once again, made us feel like our little boy was the most perfect boy in the world!  She's really good at her job because I know this isn't true. 

  Why, you ask, do I not think my kid is perfect?  Well, come hang out with us for about an hour and you're sure to see at least one of Griffin's new TEMPER TANTRUMS!!  It's really quite funny when it's not embarrassing (like when you're in the mall or grocery store) or annoying (he gets really loud).  He's very unpredictable with what will set him off, but when he decides he's going to have one, he really gives it a go.  It usually involves a loud, back of the throat scream; hands up by his face which he thinks makes his scream louder (sometimes he slaps himself - could teething also be involved?); then he most always ends up rolling around on the floor.'s quite the process, but it hardly ever lasts for more than 1 minute.  At this point I'm just trying to ignore him and not feed into the tantrum.  I'm hoping it's a phase that he will quickly grow out of.

All that being said, he's still pretty close to perfect and such a fun little boy!  I'd probably venture to say that this has been the most fun age/phase yet!  He really understands things we say to him and actually takes direction pretty well.  He's starting to try and repeat words that we say.  He's got a few words he says often: Mama, Dada, outside, truck, more, Thomas, Bob (can you tell what TV shows we watch?), dino(saur), and a few more.  Most of these words are only understood by Chad and me, but if you're around him for a while, you can figure out what he's trying to say.  It's fun hearing him because I swear he learns a new "word" every day.  He says a LOT of stuff that we just can't understand...which I think could be a big part of the temper tantrums.  He's trying to tell us stuff, but we just don't know what!

Here are his 15 month stats:

Height - 31 1/4 inches (55%)
Weight - 22lbs. 4 oz. (20%)
Head Circumference - 47 cm (50%)

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so....

Having a snack with his friend Leah Sineway.

One of his new, favorite seats in the house.

We got a new water table for the back deck.  It has turned out to be a perfect afternoon activity!

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