Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Live and You Learn

Today has been an interesting day - Griffin and I have just gotten home from the doctor where Dr. B, our favorite doctor {though I think G might be a little mad at her right now}, just removed 14 splinters from Griffin's hands, feet and knees. It was about as fun as it sounds. Poor Griffin was screaming his head off for about 10 minutes straight while Dr. B poked and prodded.

Needless to say, Chad and I learned a valuable lesson this Labor Day weekend....

If you let you kid crawl around on a wooden dock, he will get splinters...LOTS OF THEM!

Unfortunately it took about an hour of G crawling around for us to realize this! He was just having so much fun!

We spent Sunday up at Lake Lanier at Buck's lake house. It was great. They've got a really nice {splintery} dock.
Griffin wouldn't keep his hat on, so we had to put sunscreen on his head. He wasn't a fan of us putting sunscreen all over him, however he WAS a fan of the cool mohawk we gave him!

Griffin had a blast in his frog float once again...that float has turned out to be one of the best Wal-Mart purchases we've made!

So....a really fun day led to a not so fun day for the G man...you live and you learn!

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