Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big and Slow

...that has become my standard response when people ask me how I'm feeling...BIG and SLOW. I didn't realize quite HOW big until I looked at this picture of myself. That's me today. My 28th birthday, starting my 38th week of pregnancy. Woah! (And yes, those are sweat pants. Pretty much a wardrobe staple these days.)

So, we're getting pretty close to the big day. Only 22 days until my due date! Technically, I'm full term now, so Griffin could come at any minute and be considered a big, healthy boy! (hopefully).

We went to the doctor for an appointment yesterday and she said that I have already started dilating...less than 1 centimeter...but dilating non the less! Pretty exciting. We'll go back every week now until I deliver to check on the progress.

I'll keep y'all posted!!


  1. OMG Rach! Thanks for the update! I've been imagining you from the last pic post. I can't believe how fast this has gone! Little man is going to be here soo soon!! Can't wait to hear. Lots of Love!

  2. You look fantastic Rach! You are getting so close...I am so excited for you and Chad! Please keep us posted and let us know how you're feeling :)